Sentence Examples

  • Using the Google Gears technology (which allows you to use many Google apps such as Documents, Picasa, and Gmail offline) it will log into your Blogger site and allow you to edit old entries and create new ones.
  • Basically speaking, it provides all the services of Flickr or Picasa, but instead of running on their computers and having millions of users, it runs on your own server and allows only the users that you want.
  • Although it started as a little independent company, Picasa was soon gobbled up by Google and for a while was the premiere photographers website host on the web.
  • The application includes the means to use Gmail, Google Sync, Google Maps, as well as linking up to Picasa, Google Docs, Google Reader and Web Search.
  • As of 2006 Picasa also joined the Web 2.0 convention of meta-tagging, allowing that feature along with video uploads and the ability to order prints.