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  • And 11 ° 58', and the Pescadores in II ° 47' S.
  • Formosa and the Pescadores were ceded to Japan by China after the war of 1894-1895, and the southern half of Sakhalinthe part south of 500 N.was added to Japan by cession from Russia in 1905.
  • Coast-line.The following table shows the numbers, the lengths of coast-line, and the areas of the various groups of islands, only those being indicated that have a coast-line of at least I ri (23/4 m.), or that, though smaller, are inhabited; except in the case of Formosa and the Pescadores, where the whole numbers are given Length of Area Number.
  • 7 12832Not surveyed Pescadores (Hoko-tO) -.
  • The island of Formosa must have been known from a very early date to the Chinese who were established in the Pescadores.

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