Sentence Examples

  • After the death of her third husband, Andromache returned to Asia Minor with her youngest son Pergamus, who there founded a town named after himself.
  • PERGAMUM, or Pergamus (mod.
  • GALEN (or [[Galenus), Claudius]], called Gallien by Chaucer and other writers of the middle ages, the most celebrated of ancient medical writers, was born at Pergamus, in Mysia, about A.D.
  • In 146 Galen began the study of medicine, and in about his twentieth year he left Pergamus for Smyrna, in order to place himself under the instruction of the anatomist and physician Pelops, and of the peripatetic philosopher Albinus.
  • It would appear that he eventually betook himself to Pergamus, after spending some time at the island of Lemnos, where he learned the method of preparing a certain popular medicine, the "terra lemnia" or "sigillata."