Sentence Examples

  • Samuel Pepys repeatedly mentions finding great people "at bowles."
  • He was described to Pepys on his acquiring office as "one of a broken sort of people that have not much to lose and therefore will venture all," and as "a beggar having £1Too or £1200 a year, but owes above £10,000."
  • Pepys, a far more trustworthy judge, speaks of him invariably in terms of respect and approval as a " grave, serious man," and commends his appointment as treasurer of the navy as that of " a very notable man and understanding and will do things regular and understand them himself."
  • Pepys (Lord Cottenham) and Bickersteth (Lord Langdale) were both promoted to the bench in preference to Campbell.
  • Pepys, who was secretary to the navy, has recorded the patient industry and unflinching probity of his naval administration.