Sentence Examples

  • Most computer processors, such as Pentium II and III are sufficient for individuals using their laptops or notebooks for class work, word processing and a few video games.
  • However, to run their latest version of AIM (6.1), you will need to have at least a Pentium III processor 200Mhz , 128 MB of RAM and 20GB of available hard drive space.
  • But if you lack an IT department, then seek desktop models no older than Pentium II, and develop a good relationship with a reliable computer desktop consultant.
  • The Xbox contains an Intel Pentium III processor that runs at a raging 733 megahertz, faster than either the Playstation 2 or the Nintendo Gamecube.
  • Pentium processors provide a slightly more processing power for additional tasks beyond the basics ones like presentations and light photo editing.