Sentence Examples

  • Yeni Shehr, " new town"), the most important town of Thessaly, situated in a rich agricultural district on the right bank of the Salambria (Peneios, Peneus, Peneius), about 35 m.
  • Apollo carried off from Mount Pelion the nymph Cyrene, daughter or granddaughter of the river-god Peneus, and conveyed her to Libya, where she gave birth to Aristaeus.
  • This he did by turning the rivers Alpheus and Peneus through them.
  • For a laurel tree), in Greek mythology, the daughter of the Arcadian river-god Ladon or the Thessalian Peneus, or of the Laconian Amyclas.
  • LAPITHAE, a mythical race, whose home was in Thessaly in the valley of the Peneus.

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