Sentence Examples

  • At Pelotas, a sea-level port on Lagoa dos Patos, the mean annual temperature is about 63° and the annual rainfall about 42 in.
  • PELOTAS, a city of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, on the left bank of the Sao Gongalo river near its entrance into the Lagoa dos Patos, about 30 m.
  • The Sao Gongal.o river is the outlet of Lagoa Mirim, and Pelotas is therefore connected with the inland water routes.
  • Pelotas is the centre of the xarque or carne secca (jerked beef) industry of Rio Grande do Sul.
  • Pelotas was only a small settlement at the beginning of the 19th century and had no parochial organization until 1812.