Sentence Examples

  • Apollo carried off from Mount Pelion the nymph Cyrene, daughter or granddaughter of the river-god Peneus, and conveyed her to Libya, where she gave birth to Aristaeus.
  • 305), they made war upon the Olympian gods and endeavoured to pile Pelion upon Ossa in order to storm heaven itself; had they reached the age of manhood, their attempt would have been successful, but Apollo destroyed them before their beards began to grow.
  • Apollodorus says that they succeeded in piling Pelion upon Ossa.
  • Acastus, to avenge his fancied wrongs, left Peleus asleep on Mount Pelion, having first hidden his famous sword.
  • PELION, a wooded mountain in Thessaly in the district of Magnesia, between Volo and the east coast.