Sentence Examples

  • And by the Timan ridge of the Pechora basin in the N.
  • The Pechora rises in the N.
  • Evidence of the same northern extension is supplied by floras described by Schmalhausen from Permian rocks in the Pechora valley (Map A, VI.), the Siberian genus Rhiptozamites being very similar to, and probably generically identical with, Naeggerathiopsis of the Glossopteris flora.
  • The rivers scarcely thaw before July.
  • The government is divided into nine districts, the chief towns of which areAlexandrovsk or Kola (pop. 300), Archangel, Kem (1825), Kholmogory (1465), Mezen (2040), Novaya-Zemlya (island), Pechora, Pinega (1000) and Shenkursk (1308).