Sentence Examples

  • He appears to have ascended from Kabul to the plateau of the Pamir, and thence onwards by Yarkand, Khotan and Aksu.
  • High plateaus like that of Pamir (the " Roof of the World ") and Armenia, and lofty mountain chains like the snow-clad Caucasus, the Alai, the Tian-shan, the Sayan Mountains, exist only on the outskirts of the empire.
  • The high tableland of Tibet and Pamir to the lower plateaus of Mongolia, and thence N.E.
  • Higher portions of the plateau formation the empire has only comparatively recently planted its foot on the Pamir, and it was only a few years earlier that it established itself firmly on the highlands of Armenia.
  • Of the Pamir, the Tian-shan and the Ala-tau mountain regions, and farther N.E.