Sentence Examples

  • In 1796 he published, in answer to Thomas Paine, an Apology for the Bible, perhaps the best known of his numerous writings.
  • The code was replaced by the Paine Law of 1909, which provided for a board of control (something like that under the "federal plan" in Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo) of three members: the mayor and the directors (appointed and removable by the mayor) of two municipal departments - public service and public safety, the former including public works and parks, and the latter police, fire, charities, correction and buildings.
  • Drew had begun to meditate a greater attempt before he wrote his Remarks on Paine; and, encouraged by the antiquary John Whitaker, he published his Essay on the Immateriality and Immortality of the Soul in 1802.
  • He lodged with Thomas Paine, and listened to the debates in the Convention.
  • It was the language of the founders of the American constitution and contemporary political writers; the language, for example, of Paine: "In republics such as there are established in America the sovereign power, or the power over which there is no control and which controls all others, remains where nature placed it - in the people" (Dissertations on Government, i.6).