Sentence Examples

  • Outsourcing is the delegation of operational tasks a small business owner either doesn't have time to do, or lacks the staff to properly perform, to a third party service provider specializing in that operation.
  • Optimistically-minded entrepreneurs see Outsourcing as a means to turn around dying businesses they purchase from more traditional business owners whose outdated management views won't allow them to compete.
  • Sales representative outsourcing is a great way to keep your own, small sales team busy with face-to-face current and potential customers while leaving the dirty work (cold calling) to a sales team at another location.
  • Be careful when searching for a business - there are some that take the "World is Flat" strategy and use the cheap labor and resources available through outsourcing, which is generally a less effective strategy.
  • My purpose is to explain the net effect of free trade, technological advance, and outsourcing on the overall economic system of the planet.