Sentence Examples

  • MONROE, a city of Louisiana, U.S.A., the capital of Ouachita parish, in the northern part of the state, on the east bank of the Ouachita river, 72 m.
  • Across the Ouachita is the town of West Monroe (pop. in 1900, 775).
  • In 1785, during the Spanish occupation of Louisiana, Juan Filhiol, commandant of the district of Ouachita, founded a settlement on the site of the present Monroe, which was called Ouachita Post until 1790 and then Fort Miro, in honour of the governor-general.
  • The northern part can best be regarded as a low plateau (once marine sediments) sloping southward, traversed by the large diluvial valleys of the Mississippi, Red and Ouachita rivers, and recut by smaller tributaries into smaller plateaus and rather uniform flat-topped hills.
  • Through and along the border of the state, the Red river, the Ouachita (or Washita), Sabine and Pearl; all except the last are navigable at all stages of the water.