Sentence Examples

  • With the OTA option, which most sites highly recommend over downloading it to your desktop, you will receive instructions on your phone for download once it has been transmitted.
  • You will also be asked whether you want to download it to your desktop or receive it over the air (OTA).
  • Seven kilns are devoted, wholly or in part, to the new wares: belonging to Miyagawa ShOzan of Ota, Seiffl YOhei of KiOto, Takemoto Hayata and Kato Tomojiro of Tokyo, Higuchi Haruzane of Hirado, Shida Yasukyo of Kaga and Kato Masukichi of Seto.
  • It appears to have assumed no importance till about 1457, when Ota Dokwan, a general in the service of Uyesugi Sadamasa, governor of Kamakura, built a castle here.
  • He left, by his wife Ota, a son Louis surnamed the Child.