Sentence Examples

  • Actress Ana María Orozco won the International Female Personality of the Year award in 2001 and the INTE award for Best Soap Opera of the Year in 2002.
  • Colombian actress, Ana María Orozco, played the star role of Betty Solano.
  • History, chap. xviii.; and Orozco y Berra, Geografia de las lenguas, &c. (Mexico, 1868).
  • In Mexico the former labours of Pimentel and Orozco y Berra are supplemented by those of Bandelier, Penafiel, Herrera and Alfredo Chavero.
  • In 1864 Don Manuel Orozco y Berra found no fewer than 51 distinct languages and 69 dialects among the Indian inhabitants of Mexico, to which he added 62 extinct idioms - making a total of 182 idioms, each representing a.