Sentence Examples

  • The Allnatt Diamond is a cushion cut, 101 carat stone, while the amazing Oppenheimer Diamond on display at the Smithsonian Museum is an uncut canary diamond with the spectacular weight of more than 250 carats.
  • DeBeers sent Sir Phillip Oppenheimer to investigate Mirny mine operations in 1976.
  • Oppenheimer did not have a chance to investigate.
  • His favourite adviser was the Jew Suss Oppenheimer, and it was thought that master and servant were aiming at the suppression of the diet and the introduction of the Roman Catholic religion.
  • However, the sudden death of Charles Alexander in March 1737 put an abrupt end to these plans, and the regent, Charles Rudolph of Wurttemberg-Neuenstadt, had Oppenheimer hanged.