Sentence Examples

  • Since OPI is considered one of the best nail color companies on the market by both professionals and consumers alike, it's no wonder the company geared a wedding and bridal collection suited for everyday and special occasion wear.
  • If you constantly suffer chipped nails, work in a position that requires plenty of manual labor (such as typing or cooking) or simply don't have the time to visit a salon frequently, consider OPI Axxium for your next manicure.
  • For more information on OPI color or to shop and buy online with ease, simply visit the OPI website and get ready to shop a few classic hues for your fingers and toes, all in the same formula as the original Peachaboo polish.
  • While tracking down the original color may prove a tad bit challenging, there are some other colors similar to OPI nail polish in the color Peachaboo that will give you the same feminine sparkle without a gaudy finish.
  • Delivering superior performance and a color palette selected by artistic director Suzi-Weiss Fischmann, OPI colors are seasonally on trend, while the quality is considered one of the most superior on the market.