Sentence Examples

  • Boys especially love watching the adventures of Omi, Raymundo, Clay, and the rest of Xiaolin Showdown's colorful cast of characters compete in exciting martial arts showdowns.
  • In addition to the Painted Prince and the Great Omi, there are several artists and performers today famous for their full body tattoos.
  • One of the first famous wearers of full body tattoos was the Great Omi.
  • The Great Omi was a British citizen by the name of Horace Ridler.
  • In the hill country on the borders of Ise, Owari, Mikawa and TOtmi, on the one side, and Omi, Mino and Shinano, on the other, granite frequently forms dark grey and much disintegrated rock-projections above schist and diluvial quartz pebbles.