Sentence Examples

  • JOHAN FRIIS (1494-1570), Danish statesman, was born in 1 494, and was educated at Odense and at Copenhagen, completing his studies abroad.
  • ODENSE, a city of Denmark, the chief town of the amt (county) of its name, which forms the northern part of the island of Fiinen (Fyen).
  • From Odense Fjord on the Odense Aa, the main portion on the north side of the stream, and the industrial Albani quarter on the south side.
  • Under the altar lies Canute (Knud), the patron saint of Denmark, who intended to dispute with William of Normandy the possession of England, but was slain in an insurrection at Odense in 1086; Kings John and Christian II.
  • Odense Castle was erected by Frederick IV., who died there in 1730.