Sentence Examples

  • Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg, first sketched in 1845, was completed in 1867 and first performed at Munich under the direction of Hans von Billow on the 21st of June 1868.
  • The " Nurnberg " ceased firing for several minutes to allow her to surrender, then gave her a final broadside, and she went down at half-past nine with flag flying.
  • He was successively on the editorial staff of the orwaerts in Berlin1898-1905and of other socialist newspapers at Nurnberg and Munich.
  • The principal remaining literature of the subject will be found in the following books and treatises - Johann Neudorfer, Schreib-und Rechenmeister zu Nurnberg, Nachrichten fiber Kanstlern und Werkleuten daselbst (Nuremberg, 1547); republished in the Vienna Quellenschrift (1875); C. Scheurl, Vita Antonii Kressen (1515, reprinted in the collection of Pirkheimer's works, Frankfort, 1610); Wimpheling, Epitome rerum Germanicarum, ch.
  • Brunner, Nurnberg 1848-1849 (1907).

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