Sentence Examples

  • Their opportunity came with the disaster which befell the Roman army under Valerian (q.v.) at Edessa, a disaster, says ' The full text, both Greek and Palmyrene, with an English translation, is given in NSI, pp. 313-340.
  • Given in NSI., p. 268, translated Sol sanctissimus; he was further identified with Zeus.
  • TSETSE-FLY (Tsetse, an English rendering of the Bantu nsi-nsi, a fly), a name applied indiscriminately to any one of the eight species of Glossina, a genus of African blood-sucking Diptera (two-winged flies, see Diptera), of the family Muscidae.
  • 5), almost all the inscriptions are subsequent 1 Cooke, North-Semitic Inscriptions (elsewhere abbreviated NSI.), No.
  • 230-231; his son again, Septimius Hairan, seems to have been the first of the family to receive the title of Ras Tadmor (" chief of Tadmor ") in addition to his Roman rank (NSI.