Sentence Examples

  • The most important commercial place, however, is the treaty port of Niu-chwang, at the head of the Gulf of Liao-tung.
  • The second road runs from the treaty port of Niu-chwang through Mukden to Petuna in the north-western corner of the Kirin province, and thence to Tsitsihar, Mergen and the Amur.
  • _rq g G u/ f of Niu-chwang, and strikes southward to Kin-chow at the extremity of the Liao-tung peninsula.
  • The fourth connects Niu-chwang with the Gate of Korea.
  • Thence eat E min-ting and to Niu-chwang, and the link between Sin-min-ting and Mukden is also under Chinese control, The lines now under Russian control were laid down, and remain, on the 5 ft.