Sentence Examples

  • Even more picturesque, though less lofty, than the Alps of Japan, are the Nikko mountains, enclosing the mausolea of the two greatest of the Tokugawa shoguns.
  • The highest of these are Shirane-san (7422 ft.), Nantai-san (8169 ft.), Nyoh- The Nikko zan (8100 ft.), and Omanago (7546 ft.).
  • Shirane (Nikko) 7422.
  • The only remaining active vent of the once highly volcanic Nikko district.
  • Thus, for instance, near Nikko in the upper valley of the Daiya-gawa, and in several other places in the neighboring mountains, a granite-porphyry appears with large, pale, flesh-colored crystals of orthoclase, dull triclinic feispar, quartz and hornblende.