Sentence Examples

  • Ladies diamond Waltham watches and all other Waltham watches are made in Neuchatel, Switzerland, making them 100% Swiss made.
  • The watch won the prestigious Chronometer certificate from the Neuchatel Observatory.
  • The question was submitted to the churches at Basel, Bern, Zurich and Neuchatel, but they also, to Calvin's disappointment, were divided in their judgment, some counselling severity, others gentle measures.
  • Their pioneer work was continued in that district, as well as others, by a number of Swiss, pre-eminent among whom were Gottlieb Studer (1804-1890) of Bern, and Edouard Desor (1811-1882) of Neuchatel.
  • They also furnished him with means of flight, and he made for Yverdun in the territory of Bern, whence he transferred himself to Motiers in Neuchatel, which then belonged to Prussia.