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Referring to a broad range of functions associated with the management and control of a network, particularly one large and complex in nature. Network management functions include fault management, configuration management, accounting management, performance management, and security management. Some of those functions are real-time, whereas others are purely administrative. Real-time network management functions include the aspects of fault management, configuration management, performance management, and security management that require virtually instantaneous identification, analysis, and action to ensure the performance and integrity of the network. Accounting management is a purely administrative function that includes inventory management, data collection, cost allocation, and billing. Some aspects of configuration management and performance management are nonrealtime and administrative in nature, as well, including data collection, traffic analysis, and network optimization. Telemanagement is a subset of network management concerned with the administrative management of voice networks. Real-time network management systems (NMSs) include element management systems (EMSs) that deal with alarms and alerts from devices of the same type and manufacturer, and managers of managers (MOMs) that deal with alarms and alerts from multiple types of network elements (NEs). See also accounting management, bandwidth, configuration management, EMS, fault management, load balancing, MOM, NE, network optimization, performance management, security management, TMN, and traffic analysis.

Webster's New World Telecom

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