Sentence Examples

  • We were able to emulate this ease of use – although there is some way to go.
  • Adam Sandler – Largely known as a comedian but also branching out occasionally into dramatic roles in his movies, Sandler is not only a registered Republican, but also contributed to Rudy Giuliani's failed presidential campaign.
  • Actual men's shirt and short swim sets – also called cabana sets - made their debut during the postwar period, when leisure was taken far more seriously, and more and more men could afford beach and cruise holidays.
  • Julia Roberts – When she accepted the award for "Favorite Motion Picture Actress" in a sleeveless dress, she stood on the stage above everyone else and exclaimed she was glad she shaved her underarms.
  • With a little help from hip hop illuminati like Pete Rock and B-Real, House of Pain ruled the airwaves and the nightclubs with their infectious jam – they were fist-pumping way before Jersey Shore.

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