Sentence Examples

  • NANTUCKET, a county and township (coextensive) of Massachusetts, U.S.A. Its principal part is an island of the same name, 28 m.
  • M., has a coast-line of 88 m.; it lies within the ro-fathom line, but is separated from the mainland by Nantucket Sound, which is 25 to 30 m.
  • The surface of Nantucket Island is open, nearly treeless, with a few hills, the highest being 91 ft.
  • Extremity of Nantucket Island is Siasconset (locally 'Sconset), a summer resort of some vogue; it has a Marconi wireless telegraph station, connecting with incoming steamers, the Nantucket shoals lightship and the mainland.
  • End of the island; and Polpis, Quidnet and Wauwinet (at the head of Nantucket harbour) in its E.