Sentence Examples

  • MUTTRA, or Mathura, a city and district of British India in the Agra division of the United Provinces.
  • Muttra has suffered more from Mahommedan plunder than most towns of northern India.
  • Formerly nearly the whole of Muttra consisted of pasture and woodland, but the roads constructed as relief works in1837-1838have thrown open many large tracts of country, and the task of reclamation has since proceeded rapidly.
  • The central portion of Muttra district forms one of the most sacred spots in Hindu mythology.
  • Here Krishna and his brother Balarama fed their cattle upon the plain; and numerous relics of antiquity in the towns of Muttra, Gobardhan, Gokul, Mahaban and Brindaban still attest the sanctity with which this holy tract was invested.