Msw-save-close-exit definition

Saving your document transfers everything on screen to the hard disk so you can retrieve it later. To save a document, select File/Save. Closing your document does the same thing but also removes the document from the screen. When you are finished with the document, select File/Close.Save AsThe Save As function is very useful for making copies of the same document with different names or saving your document with the same name in different folders. The difference between Save As and Save is that Save As prompts you for a file name, whereas Save just writes the contents of your screen to the same file.Quitting WordTo quit Word, select File/Exit. If you made changes without saving, Word will prompt you to save the changes.The Default FolderWord defaults to saving your new document in the My Documents folder. You can override that by selecting another folder. If you are unfamiliar with file and folder organization, see Win Folder organization.Word also makes up a new name for your file by taking the first characters of text in the document. You can override this by typing directly on top of the suggested name.