Sentence Examples

  • Just sitting with the wonderfully elaborate box that the handset ships in made me forget my once embarrassing lust for the Motorola phone.
  • You may have seen them in a movie or perhaps in some sort of documentary, so now you want to know a little bit more about satellite phones and how they are different from the regular Motorola or BlackBerry that you have in your pocket.
  • While the spec sheet may not be any different from the more conventional silver or black Motorola RAZR, the pink RAZR is as popular as it is because it gives the user an opportunity to let her (or his) personality come shining through.
  • This quick guide to MPT, as it has come to be affectionately known, is the ultimate software package needed for any Motorola cell phone owner, so that he or she can upload new cell phone ringtones, wallpapers, and other mobile content.
  • The "slim is in" mantra may have started with the uber popular RAZR from Motorola, but the even skinnier SLVR has taken the world by storm for its thin profile, vibrant color display, and -- best of all -- iTunes music support.