Sentence Examples

  • It rises in the government of Orel, among hills which also send tributaries to the Dnieper and the Don, and receives on the left the Upa, the Zhizdra, the Ugra (300 m.), the Moskva, on which steamers ply up to Moscow, the Klyazma (J95 m.), on whose banks arose the middle-Russian principality of Suzdal, and on the right the navigable Tsna (255 m.) and Moksha.
  • The ground to the right--along the course of the Kolocha and Moskva rivers--was broken and hilly.
  • Our right flank is over there"--he pointed sharply to the right, far away in the broken ground--"That's where the Moskva River is, and we have thrown up three redoubts there, very strong ones.
  • I should like to start from the Moskva River and ride round the whole position.
  • The greatest crush during the movement of the troops took place at the Stone, Moskva, and Yauza bridges.