Sentence Examples

  • - Montreuil Fan Training then in ordinary practice headed down to five or six buds, and in the following summer from two to four shoots, according to the vigour of the plant, are trained in, the laterals from which, if any, are thinned out and nailed to the wall.
  • The Montreuil form of training is represented by fig.
  • 3), so called from its inventor, is merely a refinement on the Montreuil method.
  • Chretien left his poem unfinished, and we do not know how he intended to complete the adventures of his hero; but those writers who undertook the task, Wauchier de Denain, Gerbert de Montreuil and Manessier, carried it out with such variety of detail, and such a bewildering indifference to Chretien's version, that it seems practically certain that there must have been, previous to Chretien's work, more than one poem dealing with the same theme.
  • As regards Fulk the Young we know only a few isolated facts and dates: about 110 9 Doue and L'Yle Bouchard were taken; in 1112 Brissac was besieged, and about the same time Eschivard of Preuilly subdued; in 1114 there was a general war against the barons who were in revolt, and in 1118 a fresh rising, which was put down after the siege of Montbazon; in 1123 the lord of Doue revolted, and in 1124 Montreuil-Bellay was taken after a siege of nine weeks.