Sentence Examples

  • (1800); McGill University, Montreal, Que.
  • The first hold of the Athabasca region was gained by Peter Pond, who, on behalf of the North-West Company of Montreal, built Fort Athabasca on river La Biche in 1778.
  • It was followed by the British American Register i(Quebec, 1803), L'Abeille canadienne (Montreal, 1818), edited by H.
  • Meziere, the Canadian Magazine (Montreal, 1823-1825), the (Canadian Review (Montreal, 1824-1826), La Bibliotheque canadienne (Montreal, 1825-1830), continued as L'Observateur (1830-1831), and the Magasin du Bas-Canada (Montreal, 1832).
  • The Literary Garland (Montreal, 1838-1850), edited by John Gibson, was for some time the only English magazine published in Canada.