Sentence Examples

  • It might have been expected that the victorious party would now introduce a policy of reaction and autocratic government, But the king was old and broken by his late misfortunes: his son the prince was wise beyond his years, and Gloucester and many, other of the present supporters of the crown had originally been friends of reform, and had not abandoned their old views, They had deserted Montfort because he was autocratic and masterful, not because they had altogether disapproved of his policy.
  • Llewelyn-ap-Gruffydd, the old ally of de Montfort, had come with profit out of the civil wars of 126366, and having won much land and more influence during the evil days of Henry III., was reluctant to see that his time of prosperity had come to an end, now that a king of a very different character sat on the English throne.
  • After the siege of Tournai a truce was arranged on the 25th of September 1340; but the next year the armies of England and France were again at war in Brittany on account of the rival pretensions of Charles of Blois and John of Montfort to the succession of that duchy.
  • Still more striking is the fact that the friars threw themselves energetically into the cause of political reform, and that several of their leading brothers were the close friends and counsellors of Simon de Montfort.
  • But it only found its permanent gujding spirit somewhat late in the reign, when Simon de Montfort, earl of Leicester, became the habitual mouthpiece of the grievances of the nation.