Sentence Examples

  • Also priced in the mid-range of GPS devices on the market, the Mio DigiWalker offers free traffic information in some areas to help you avoid accidents and bottlenecks.
  • Users must enter the amount of calories consumed into a device like the Mio Motiva, which can track the number of calories burned and the number of calories consumed.
  • Some subpages, such as Mio and CardioSport, are a straight-up listing of the specs, prices, bonus features and whatnot.
  • You can customize speed alerts and use the Mio DigiWalker in pedestrian mode, bike mode, taxi, and even bus mode.
  • In the year 1147, we have the bard testifying to the supereminence of the Cid among his country's heroes: "Ipse Rodericus Mio Cid semper vocatus, De quo cantatur quod ab hostibus haud superatus, Qui domuit Mauros, comites domuit quoque nostros."