Sentence Examples

  • This will absolve governments from making sure Microsoft does not use its Windows monopoly to unfairly muscle its way into other markets.
  • Software: If you have Quicken or Microsoft Money software and are a registered user, you can sign into Wells Fargo Online through the software and download all your information right to the program, eliminating the need for double entries.
  • Just as there are many companies out there that create video games for the Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Nintendo GameCube, there are several that also work on developing innovative new titles for your cell phone as well.
  • Whatever program you use (and you can really use almost any program, including Microsoft Word, but it won't make for fancy pages), to get started you open a document and import your picture or pictures that you want to use on the page.
  • Microsoft and Adobe (Dreamweaver's parent company) both have very extensive support and "extension" sites with ways to expand the basic layouts that come with both programs, as well as tutorials for using them and developing your own.