Mexico Definition

proper name
Country in North America, south of the U.S.: 761,606 sq mi (1,972,550 sq km); cap. Mexico City.
Webster's New World
State of SC Mexico: 8,286 sq mi (21,461 sq km); cap. Toluca.
Webster's New World
Arm of the Atlantic, east of Mexico & south of the U.S.: 582,100 sq mi (1,507,632 sq km)
Webster's New World
A country of south-central North America. Southern Mexico was the site of various advanced civilizations beginning with the Olmec and including the Maya, Zapotec, Toltec, Mixtec, and Aztec cultures. Mexico was conquered by Cortés in 1521 and held by the Spanish until 1821. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that ended the Mexican War (1846–1848) awarded all lands north of the Rio Grande to the United States. Mexico City is the capital and the largest city.
American Heritage
  • United Mexican States
  • mejico
  • the republic to the south
  • a sister republic
  • land south of the border
  • the other side of the Rio Grande
  • El Pais (both Spanish)

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