Sentence Examples

  • On his brother's murder he fled to Messenia (241 B.C.).
  • KALAMATA (officially Kaaaµae, from an ancient town near the site), chief town of the modern Greek nomarchy of Messenia in the Morea, situated on the left bank of the Nedon, about m.
  • Of Sparta; the Achaean conquerors, however, probably contented themselves with a suzerainty over Laconia and part of Messenia and were too few to occupy the whole land.
  • ARISTODEMUS (8th century B.C.), semi-legendary ruler of Messenia in the time of the first Messenian War.
  • The last of these attempts resulted in the " Dorian conquest " of the "Achaeans " and " Ionians " of Peloponnese, and in the assignment of Argolis, Laconia and Messenia to the Heracleid leaders, Temenus, Aristodemus and Cresphontes respectively; of Elis to their Aetolian allies; and of the north coast to the remnants of the conquered Achaeans.