Sentence Examples

  • Whatever the approach, you can thwart most of these threats with a reliable anti-virus/firewall combination, like those offered by McAfee, Symantec, F-Secure and others, coupled with a healthy serving of common sense.
  • Many of the newer PCs come with trial versions of Norton or McAfee security software already installed, which will allow owners to download additional tools to help safeguard their systems.
  • To allay parental concerns about the Internet, the laptop also came bundled with McAfee Family software to give parental controls over what the kids could do with the machine.
  • This program is often standard with most Windows products or purchase other security software packages such as the popular Norton or McAfee suites.
  • The Shield Pro, like McAfee, includes a firewall, and is reputed to consume little computer resources, its foremost praise.