Sentence Examples

  • Mayr and others, while Scudder has studied the rich Oligocene faunas of Colorado (Florissant) and Wyoming (Green River).
  • Mayr, Die vorgeschichtlichen Denkmdler von Malta (1901); A.
  • Professor von Mayr declares in a recent and authoritative work, "It was no European state, but the United States of America that made a beginning of census-taking in the large and true sense of that word," and Professor H.
  • Mayr, Brevi notizie storiche della vita e delle, opere di Giuseppe Haydn (1809); Griesinger, Biographische Notizen fiber Joseph Haydn (1810); Carpani, Le Haydeni (1812 and 1823); Bombet (M.
  • Mayr, Die mitteleuropaischen Eichengallen in Wort and Bild (Vienna, 1870-1871), and the translation of that work, with notes, in the Entomologist, vols.