Sentence Examples

  • BOCCHUS, king of Mauretania (about 110 B.C.), and father-inlaw of Jugurtha.
  • His son, BoccHus, was king of Mauretania, jointly with a younger brother Bogud.
  • He returned through Gaul into Spain, and then proceeded to Mauretania, where he suppressed an insurrection.
  • The ancient caravan route from Mauretania to the western Sudan crossed the lower Moroccan Atlas by the pass of Tilghemt and passed through the oasis of Tafilalt, formerly known as Sajilmasa [" Sigilmassa "1, on the east side of the Anti-Atlas.
  • Cyrenaica, on the east, attached to Egypt, was then excluded from it, and, similarly, Mauretania, on the west.

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