Sentence Examples

  • In 1911-3 a pipe-line was laid from Matadi, on the Congo estuary, to Stanley Pool to supply the river steamers with petroleum for fuel and reservoirs capable of holding 8,000 tons of oil were built.
  • Matadi is situated on the left bank of the Congo, at the highest point of the lower river which can be reached by sea-going vessels.
  • Lukungu, situated on the banks of the river of that name, a southern tributary of the Congo, about half-way between Matadi and Stanley Pool, was formerly the capital of the Falls district, and the chief recruiting station for porters on the lower Congo.
  • Tumba, the present capital of the district, is a station on the Congo railway, the half-way house between Matadi and Stanley Pool.
  • From Matadi and 143 from Dolo, the terminus of the railway on Stanley Pool.