Sentence Examples

  • When Jerusalem was taken, the Sicarii still continued to hold three strongholds: one - Masada - for three years.
  • But the commander of Masada realized at length that there was no hope of escaping captivity except by death, and urged his comrades to anticipate their fate.
  • Here he wrote his Geschichte des Volkes Israel (1869-1870), in two parts, extending respectively to the end of the Persian domination and to the fall of Masada, A.D.
  • When the Jews in Jerusalem, stirred to revolt by the outrages of the Roman procurators, had seized the fortress of Masada and treacherously murdered the garrison of the palace of Herod, Gallus set out from Antioch to restore order.
  • South of it is the stronghold of Masada, built by Jonathan Maccabaeus and fortified by Herod in 42 B.C., where the last stand of the Jews was made against the Romans after the fall of Jerusalem, and where the garrison, when the defences were breached, slew themselves rather than fall into Roman hands.