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  • It was founded by the British in 1826 on the restoration of the town of Martaban to the Burmese, and named in compliment to the governor-general of India of that day; but in 1827 the headquarters were transferred to Moulmein.
  • Railways were also constructed from Pegu to Martaban, 121 m.
  • Martaban from the revolted Peguans; and in the following year he sailed down the Irrawaddy with an army of 50,000 men, and, arriving at Rangoon, put to death the aged monarch of Pegu, along with many of his nobles, who had shared with him in the offence of rebellion.
  • MARTABAN, a town in the Thaton district of Lower Burma, on the right bank of the Salween, opposite Moulmein.
  • Martaban is frequently mentioned by European voyagers of the 16th century; and it has given the name of "Martavans" to a class of large vessels of glazed pottery, also known in India as "Pegu jars."

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