Sentence Examples

  • The last representative of the line, Idris IV., "El Wathik," was reduced to the possession of Marrakesh, where he was murdered by a slave in 1269.
  • The most imposing view is to be obtained from the plain of Marrakesh, only some 1000 ft.
  • The best-known passes are: (I) The Bibawan in the upper Wad Sias basin (4150 ft.); (2) the Gindafi, giving access from Marrakesh to Tarudant, rugged and difficult, but low; (3) the Tagharat, difficult and little used, leading to the Dra'a valley (11,484 ft.); (4) the Glawi (7600 ft.); (5) Tizi n 'Tilghemt (7250 ft.), leading to Tafilet (Tafilalt) and the Wad Ghir.
  • MARRAKESH (erroneously MoRocco or Marocco City), one of the quasi-capitals of the sultanate of Morocco, Fez and Mequinez being the other two.
  • Ranking during the early centuries of its existence as one of the greatest cities of Islam, Marrakesh has long been in a state of grievous decay, but it is rendered attractive by the exceptional beauty of its situation, the luxuriant groves and gardens by which it is encompassed and interspersed, and the magnificent outlook which it enjoys towards the mountains.