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  • Ramsay believes them to be direct descendants of the ancient Christian population; but there is reason to think they are partly sprung from more recent immigrants who moved in the r8th century from western Greece into the domain of the Karasmans of Manisa and Bergama, as recorded by W.
  • The latter was an ally of Katashmanturgu of Babylon, 2 The "Niobe " statue near Manisa was not definitely known for " Hittite " till 3882, when G.
  • Manisa, q.v.), a city of Lydia about 40 m.
  • In the 17th century it came under the power of the Karasmans of Manisa and remained so till about 18 20.
  • The Hermus (Gediz Chai) has its principal sources in the Murad Dagh, and, receiving several streams on its way, runs through the volcanic district of Katakekaumene to the broad fertile valley through which it flows past Manisa to the sea, near Lefke.

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