Sentence Examples

  • The summer musical events, aside from traditional performances of the works of such composers as Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, Strauss and others, also often include works and performances by more recent composers.
  • Mahler, in Wiener Zeitschrift fill' die Kunde des Morgenlands, 1901, xv.
  • Mahler, T.
  • Corroboration has been sought by Mahler, Sethe and Petrie in the dates of new moons, of warlike and other expeditions, and of high Nile, but their evidence so far is too vague and uncertain to affect the question seriously.
  • Wiedemann, Agyptische Geschichte (Gotha, 1884); articles by Mahler and others in the Zeitschrift fr agyptische Sprache and Orientaiistische Literaturzeitung (recent years).