Sentence Examples

  • RAMESWARAM, a town of British India, in the Madura district of Madras, on the island of Pambam in Palk Straits.
  • The islands are often described as of two groups, Java and Madura forming one, and the other consisting of Sumatra, Borneo, Riouw-Lingga Archipelago, Banka, Billiton, Celebes, Molucca Archipelago, the small Sunda Islands, and a part of New Guinea-the Outposts as they are collectively named.
  • Population.-The following table gives the area and population of Java (including Madura) and of the Outposts: In no case are the above figures for population more than fairly accurate, and in some instances they are purely conjectural.
  • There are certain local forces outside the regular army - militia in some of the large towns, native infantry in Madura, and guards of some of the vassal princes.
  • It visited Madura, and came into conflict with the Portuguese at Bantam in Java, returning to Holland in 1597.