Sentence Examples

  • Another branch from Calgary runs southward to Macleod, and to Lethbridge there comes from the south a branch of the Great Northern railway of the United States, connecting with the state of Montana.
  • (Original.) e, I, (Original by Pickard-Cambridge and Pocock.) glands was determined by Macleod in 1884.
  • Lviii., 184; Macleod, " Recherches sur la structure et la signification de 1 appareil respiratoire des Arachnides," Arch.
  • Xiv., 1887; Macleod, " Glande coxale chez les Galeodes," Bull.
  • Ultimately it became necessary to forego even the pretence of maintaining relations of friendship, and the British functionary at that time, Captain Macleod, was withdrawn in 1840 altogether from a country where his continuance would have been but a mockery.