Sentence Examples

  • One notable downside of a MacBook is that it's significantly more expensive than a PC laptop; however, Apple does offer an educational discount to any student that can reduce the computer's total price by 10% or more.
  • Brenthaven: Known for its extremely durable cases for all types of mobile technology, Brenthaven's Macbook bags are brilliantly crafted to withstand the rigors of everyday life.
  • MacBook: The MacBook and MacBook Pro computers from Apple tend to be favorites among university students because they are so user-friendly and extremely durable.
  • Whether your tastes are more understated and classic or you prefer something bold and vivacious, you'll find a great deal of laptop bags for MacBook available.
  • The retailer, which designs creative accessories for people of all ages, features a line of playful MacBook cases bearing all kinds of unexpected prints.